Safety is the cornerstone of C&C Offshore’s business and no work is ever too urgent or too important that we cannot take time to do it safely. Safety is a way of life; a choice that becomes second nature to us.

About Us

Established in 2014, C&C Offshore Engineering’s expertise covers specialist design and engineering services, quality precision machining and waste management.
It is our mission to be fully invested in helping your project succeed. We strive to value-add to our clients by providing efficient and innovative solutions.
We provide a full suite of services from conceptual planning, to design and budgeting, procurement and development of operation manuals and control management. Our team of professionals are trained to enter any project at any phase and be able to deliver turn-key solutions for all major and small-scale projects.

A strong combination of our client-focused perspective, our suite of services and flexibility in how we operate — is what makes us different from the rest. We aim to be your partner of choice; your success with our support.


We are committed to value-add to our clients by providing cost-efficient and innovative solutions while fostering long-term relationships.


We strive to be a leader in this industry, with the help of a strong team that is able to support and succeed together with leading and innovative turnkey solutions.


We believe in the strength, skills and value of each individual team member. We hone these positive character qualities to allow them to grow into successful and skilled professionals.


We ensure the highest safety standards through diligent quality checks for our team to execute their skills and deliver projects.

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