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We provide end-to-end solutions with Novair, allowing you to become your own supplier of oxygen and nitrogen, from an unlimited, universal and free raw material: air. 

These on-site oxygen and nitrogen plants increase your safety and autonomy and decrease your expenses at the same time.

Why be your own oxygen and nitrogen supplier?

Reduced operating costs: you produce the nitrogen/oxygen you need and get rid of any external supply contract with all the transportation or rental costs involved. Most of our clients recover their investment within 2 years.

Increased safety: no more heavy cylinders to handle, no high pressure or cryogenic storage of combustive gas.

No more supply chain failure: your generator provides an unlimited supply of nitrogen or oxygen on site.

No more logistic constraints: save time avoiding recurrent logistic procedures – orders, delivery bills, invoices, inventory management.

Reduced environmental impact: no more comings and goings of polluting trucks.

Advanced Air Separation Technologies for Nitrogen & Oxygen Production

Twin Tower Generator

PSA (Twin Tower) Generator & Technology

NOVAIR nitrogen / oxygen generators are based on a PSA process (Pressure Swing Adsorption). It consists in an air gases separation thanks to a molicular sieve capable to adsorb the nitrogen / oxygen under pressure.

The nitrogen/oxygen generator is composed of two separation columns (adsorbers) filled with molecular sieve, called zeolite or CMS. When the compressed air pressurises a column, the nitrogen (or oxygen) is gradually being retained by the molecular sieve while the oxygen (or nitrogen) is going directly to the output of the generator.

DS-PSA Generator & Oxygen Technology

Result of years of R&D effort and investment, the DS-PSA technology is taking PSA to the next level.

This exclusive know-how from NOVAIR is based on a double stage PSA process: with 2 molecular separation stages, DS- PSA removes nitrogen, argon, and any trace of pollutants remaining after the first stage, making it possible to reach up to 99,5% oxygen concentration, with an exceptional stability.

DS-PSA Generator

Modular PSA Generator

Modular PSA Generator & Technology

Unlike twin-tower standard systems, modular PSA generators feature multiple modules of molecular sieve, each implementing an optimized patented PSA process.

Production capacity can be easily adjusted directly on site without any skilled personnel by simply adding or removing modules.

Membrane Generator & Technology

NOVAIR generators separate different components of the air by means of hollow fibers over lengths adapted to each need.

Membrane Generator

V-PSA Generator

V-PSA Generator & Technology

NOVAIR V-PSA generators extract the available oxygen in the ambient air from the other gases by applying the Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (V-PSA) technology.

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